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Blackstone Audio presents…

As one of the largest independent audiobook publishers in the United States, Blackstone Audio expanded into print and e-book publishing 2016, re-branding as Blackstone Publishing.

And in 2019 FIENDS MEDIA came on board with the goal of providing short term consulting advice, which expanded into a 2+ year on-going partnership. We were put in charge of building out the entire digital marketing department at Blackstone as it exists today, which started with the sourcing, hiring and training five full-time employees, including the Director of Digital Marketing. Next, we focused on deploying brand new digital marketing channels for Blackstone and their authors to help promote their titles on a larger scale.

From inception to execution, we’re at the forefront of Blackstone’s innovative digital marketing tactics, helping to propell books from the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Joe Kenda, James Clavell, Norman Reedus, Craig Morgan, Ben Bova, Orson Scott Card, Catherine Ryan Howard, Meg Gardiner, P.C. Cast, and more into the heights of success.

Looking to build your digital marketing department from scratch? We’ve got you.